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Have you ever wondered how many times your document has been downloaded or how many times a link on your web page has been clicked? There is a simple answer, use the free service provided by this website and get the answer! Note that this website does not allow data uploads and does not hold any directly accessible personal data neither for this website customers nor for your clients.

The process explained:
  1. Register here with an e-mail (it will not be stored on this website or passed to third party and will be used only once when when you register or request a reminder to confirm that it belongs to you. The registration or the reminder e-mail will contain two tokens - public, which you will use to put on your website and private which you will need to login to this website.
  2. Place a link <a href="">Your link title</a> on your website. You can use the counter for as many URLs as you need.
  3. Login here to this website occasionally to view the downloads activity for your URLs.

Privacy statement:

This website will not store or share any directly accessible personal data (only information digests will be used by this website).

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